The Industrial Relations Society of South Australia Inc (IRSSA) is an organisation committed to fostering discussion, research and education in the field of industrial relations and employment matters more generally.

The IRSSA has more than 230 members drawn from unions, employers, governments, the State and Federal industrial tribunals, the legal profession, industrial relations consultants, human resource specialists and universities.

Membership is open to practitioners in the industrial relations field and those engaged in industrial relations research, teaching or study.  Some of the benefits of membership of the Society are:

  • The Society keeps its membership informed of current developments in industrial relations, both national and international, through quarterly publication of the Journal of Industrial Relations, as well as through regular newsletters.
  • The Society hosts activities for members and invited guests.  These include information seminars, lectures and panel discussions and bi-annual conventions featuring guest speakers on topics of interest to the industrial relations fraternity.  Members enjoy discounted prices.
  • The Society provides an ideal forum to meet with others who are active participants in the field, or who have a major interest in the area, in the spirit of the free exchange of ideas, mutual understanding and exploring of experiences.

The IRSSA is an incorporated body pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (SA) and its Constitution provides for an annual election of the Committee of Management and the presentation of audited financial accounts.  The Annual General Meetings are normally held in August each year.

The Society's parent body is the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (formerly the Industrial Relations Society of Australia).  Originally formed in May 1965, ALERA has matured into one of the leading professional organisations in Australia, with constituent societies in each State, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, and links with the International Labour and Employment Relations Association.